Service Registration

To order some  VIP-service you have to fulfill properly all the necessary fields in the registration form, namely: to indicate your contact information, the exact  date and time of departure/arrival, flight number and destination. In the field “Number of passengers” you have to indicate the number of adults and their personal data, and separately – the number of children, their personal data and age.

In the field “Message” you have to write down some updates, nuances, ask questions. Then, if necessary, point out with a tick any extra services: meeting with a sign, conference room, transfer and others. Be sure to read the contract of offer and put a tick against it.

Then you have to choose a method of payment: cash payment in the office, non-cash payment and payment with credit card.

If you have fulfilled the form properly, you have to enter the symbols from the image and press the button “To make a reservation”. Then a message will appear, that our manager will contact you.

 Methods of payment

Cash payment in the office. It means, that you have to visit our office and pay at cash desk.

Non-cash payment. The bank invoice is issued for you and you pay it.

Payment with credit card. You have a possibility to pay for the service with credit card or debit banking card, via  Uniteller service. In such a case the sum will be increased for 2%.

Cancel of reservation and repayment

In case of any changes made, you have to apply directly for your manager at the Reservation Department or for the manager in charge on phone numbers, indicated in supporting documents or on general phone numbers of the office, and also via e-mail.

Changes or cancel of your reservation can be considered as confirmed ones only after the receiving by you the written confirmation from the manager about the receiving of the letter and the changes making.

If you cancel reservation not later than a 24-hour period (in the entire country of RF) before the time of providing the service (a written notification of the manager is necessary about cancel of your reservation), the  refund is made in full amount. The manager, who made a reservation, sends an application form for refund, that should be fulfilled and sent back with indication of your account details. Legal person has to send application for  refund  on company’s letterhead paper.

If you cancel the reservation later than a 24-hour period (in the entire country of RF) and later than 4 hours before the flight and 2 hours before the arrival (at Moscow airports), the sum is taken in full amount.